What do you need to know about one to one dog training sessions with All To Play For?

November 10, 2022
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The Discovery Call

This is where we get to know each other and decide whether All To Play For is a good fit for your dog training struggle. During your discovery call I will want to know some details about you, your dog and your training issue. I will then match you up with a programme which I think will be suitable, whether that might be in person or online. Generally you will sign up for a package of sessions, ebooks, videos and 24/7 support to ensure that you get everything you need to work with your dog to overcome your current struggle.

Book your discovery call here: https://calendly.com/alltoplayfor/phone-consulation


The pre lesson questionnaire

As we are not looking for sticking plasters but for the long term solutions to underlying issues, ensuring that I have all the necessary information before you start is really important. Some of the questions you are asked may not seem immediately relevant but they could give me an indication of what is the underlying cause of the issue you are having. So, once you have booked your sessions you will be sent a link to an online questionnaire. It’s quite long!

There may be questions you don’t know the answers to, that’s not a problem, just leave them blank. I’ll also ask you to send me some videos

The answers you give to the questionnaire are then added to your customer record so that they are always taken into account during your training – which is bespoke to you and your dog.

What happens once I have booked my sessions?

Usually you will be sent one or more ebooks so that you can get started with your training straight away. Once your appointments are in the diary, your support via WhatsApp, email or text begins so you can send me videos to show me how it’s going or so I can help trouble shoot. Or you can ask questions or just show off how brilliantly you are doing.

I will send you a reminder before your first session.

What will happen during my first session?

Whether your session is online or in person we will start off by recapping what your issues are in case anything has changed, and discuss how you have been getting on with your pre session tasks. We then get down to training! As the vast majority of the training done with your dog is done by you, much of my focus will be on you – the mechanics and timing of the techniques you have been shown. Be warned! I will be picky! But this is just to ensure that the techniques we use are as effective as possible. Please let me know if you have any physical restrictions so I can adapt what we are doing accordingly.

What about the other sessions?

That will depend on how you have got on following the previous session. I will have planned techniques to show you to move you and your dog on, but it may be that we need to do some troubleshooting where techniques aren’t working for you.

What happens after each session?

I will send you notes on what we have covered and any links to videos and ebooks which I think you might find useful. So you won’t need to worry about remembering everything.

You will have the option to have these notes as an audio file as well, just let me know if this would help you.

I will encourage you to send me messages and videos between sessions so I can see how you are progressing and help you with any issues you are having. You are also welcome to message any time if you are struggling, or if you just want to show off how amazingly you are doing! If you messaging me often enough that you think I must be fed up of hearing from you, that’s probably about the right amount!!

How much training will I need to do every day?

The simple answer to this question is “some!” I ask that you make a commitment to train your dog for 5 minutes each day. I don’t ask you to commit to more than this as it’s important that the training feels achievable. However, if you do more than this you will progress faster – although keep your training sessions short but fun!

Do you guarantee that you will solve my dog training struggles during the programme we booked?

No. For a couple of reasons. Firstly, like people, all dogs are different and until we really dig deep into what’s going on with your dog’s behaviour – some issues are really complex and need longer and intervention of a vet as well as me to get to grips with. And secondly because you are the one doing 95% of the training of your dog, so what you do with them will make the biggest difference.

So that’s the honest answer! However, I do guarantee that I will give you the tools and advice you need to make some amazing progress. I will also advise you after we have completed our sessions as to what the appropriate next steps could be.

See you soon! Book your discovery call here: https://calendly.com/alltoplayfor/phone-consulation

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