the Dog training club The flexible alternative to dog & puppy training classes

We run dog and puppy training classes in a local hall. And people love them.

They get the dog training bug, enjoy learning new skills with their dogs and want to keep training.

But life gets in the way. Committing to an ongoing weekly class at a set time just wasn’t working alongside their busy schedules.

So we created a new way to train, which gives you all of the benefits of dog training classes with none of the downsides!




The flexible alternative to dog puppy training classes

Introducing flexible dog training classes to suit your busy life

Now you can attend dog and puppy training classes with us in the comfort of your own home! Wherever you are, at whatever time you like!

Weekly play-based training challenges, complete with video tutorials.

Join in live or catch up on the replay and train your dog any time of day.

Direct access to me

So you can ask questions and get quick answers to help you with any dog training struggles.

Share videos as you practise your training

And receive personalised feedback to tweak and perfect your skills.

Complete your bronze, silver and gold awards and earn points!

Friendly accountability to keep you going so you stay on track and progress your training

Exclusive access to small group in-person training and workshops

Just £27 a month

The Dog Training Club isn’t just flexible,
it’s significantly cheaper than any other way of training.

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flexible dog training classes to suit your busy life
online dog training club

All of the positives, with none of the negatives!

Dog training at home is a real gamechanger when it comes to getting fast results and keeping up with your training easily.

It allows your dog to really hone and practise their skills without distractions, so that when you progress to asking your dog to behave like a superstar out in the real world, they have a super solid foundation to call upon.

Plus, it makes it super easy for you to fit it in around everything else you have going on.

Access fun dog training that helps your dog behave beautifully everywhere, not just in the local class hall.

What you get when you choose our at home dog training classes

Ongoing contact with your dog trainer for support whenever you need it
Live Q&A sessions so you can get your questions answered and solve your problems
The skills to take your training out into the real world, beyond the training hall
The ability to train on your own schedule, in any location
Short easy-to-follow training videos which you can rewatch as often as you need
A community of lovely like-minded dog owners to share your dog training journey with

What you lose when you ditch traditional dog training classes

Going it alone once you leave the classroom
Paying for sessions and missing them when you’re on holiday
Changing your plans so you can make it to class
Trying to keep your dog’s attention in a room full of dogs
Stressing about traffic and parking
Worrying that your dog will show you up or embarrass you

Flexible dog training to suit your busy lifestyle

Just £27 a month

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Extra Epic Dog Training!

Julia is working with us and fluffball Teddy to help make him a better version of his already epic self. We find the approach to be well thought out, targeted and fun and have started to see that extra epicness come from the sessions.

On top of that Julia is a thoroughly lovely and engaging person. Highly recommended and can’t wait to get stuck in puppy classes later this month.

Mark & Teddy

online home dog training classes
online puppy training games with all to play for

Who’s The Dog Training Club for?

Our weekly classes all have a bronze, silver and gold level which means that dogs at any level can join. Start where you are and progress your skills to the levels you dream of!

The truth is, whether you’re training a puppy, a rescue or an adult dog, they all need the same core skills to go from surviving to thriving!

Our weekly classes will gently progress you through varying levels of difficulty, so your dog is fully ready for their next challenge!

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Supportive and Fun Dog Training

Julia is the most amazing supportive trainer with a huge amount of knowledge.
Otis our British Bulldog adores his training and he sees it as lots of fun.
I would highly recommend All To Play For.
Gemma & Otis

Don’t want to wait?

Kickstart your training with a 1-2-1 dog training package and get started right away. Then join The Dog Training Club with your core skills nailed and get set to flourish!
Or join our in-person puppy training classes to get started, and then transition into The Dog Training Club to progress what you’ve learned beyond the class hall!