Our puppy training classes are a world of fun!Make learning a joy with play-based dog training

You’ve got a puppy! Congratulations!

Welcome to the world of taming bitey teeth, toilet training and teaching your little bundle how to thrive in a human world.

Our puppy training classes are designed to make learning fun for both you and your puppy so that you LOVE training together and build an incredible lifetime bond.

At All To Play For, we ditch traditional dog training methods in favour of a playful training style that gets meaningful results. Sound good? Keep reading!

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Puppy training that works in the real world

Good dog training teaches your puppy life skills that translate into the real world. It’s absolutely useless having a dog who can behave beautifully in a class environment but who strolls out of the classroom and reverts to all their bad habits!

Our puppy training classes do more than just teach your puppy new skills. We teach YOU how and why they work, so you can take your training on the road and raise your dog to behave beautifully anywhere.

Adapted to each human & dog, so you get what you need

Maximum 6 dogs per class, so you get hands-on help and support

Games based training, so you both love coming to puppy training class

When dog training is fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Yes, our training style is fun and play-based, so you actually want to do it! But that doesn’t mean it’s frivolous!

Through the power of play, we teach your puppy vital life skills so they can grow into a beautifully behaved adult dog.

Our classes are kept small so that we can adapt what we’re learning to be useful to every individual who attends. We’ll get to know you and your dog and focus your training on the stuff that matters to you.

Your dog will learn:

to make great choices even when things are super exciting

to settle and relax when the fun’s over

to see you as the best thing since sliced bread, so they always choose you!

to develop confidence in being alone, so you can both have your freedom

to respond to you and co-operate, so you never feel out of control

to take new things in their stride, so they can adapt to life’s changes

You will learn:

How your dog understands the world, so you can communicate clearly

What concepts your dog needs help with to thrive

How to use the power of play to make rules fun

The skills to adapt what you’ve learned and use it in the real world

How to establish boundaries without destroying your bond

To trust yourself and feel confident that you are the best partner your dog could dream of

Friendly and fun puppy training that put us at ease

Loving the classes at All To Play For. Julia is very knowledgeable and puts you and your dog at complete ease. My 6 month old Labrador has come on massively thanks to Julia.

The classes are very friendly and fun for both me and my puppy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service

Pam & Maggie

Puppy Training Classes Stoke On Trent All to Play For

Where are puppy training classes held?

Our classes are held at Cheadle Equestrian Centre, Cheadle, Stoke on Trent ST10 1RB

There is free parking on-site and plenty of space to give your dog separation from other dogs in the class if they need it.

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Who are our puppy training classes for?

Our puppy training classes are actually suitable for dogs of all ages! If you have an older dog or a rescue dog and want to start training together, then you’re welcome to come and get stuck in!

The classes are aimed at beginners and are suitable for every life stage.

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What do you get if you sign up?

  • A one-to-one session just for you and your puppy to get to know you and to get you off to the best possible charge.
  • 5 class lessons with all the support you need.
  • An exclusive WhatsApp group where you can send videos of your training at home for feedback and ask any questions you need to, any time.
  • Resources to take home and to keep after every session.
  • Videos of the key learning in each session.
  • Oodles of fun!
  • A certificate to celebrate your progress!

Book now!

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Want to start your training straight away?

If you don’t want to wait, then our 1-2-1 training sessions give you fast access to training with me.

Get started and lay solid foundations with totally personalised support, and swan into classes feeling proud as punch!