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July 01, 2022

Here we are celebrating our 2 nd Pet Travel Safety day. What a year its been
Sharing the Knowledge
Pets 2 Places has grown with additional franchisees also spreading the good word of what we do
Awareness raised day to day with our customers and across our social media platforms

Plus the opportunity to share my expert knowledge across bigger platform with blogs and guest
appearances on podcasts

Also seen an increase on one particular Facebook page, a group of dog walkers who with my
consistent message of crash test is best motto, I’m really proud to see so many using crash tested
When I first joined that particular page, almost everyone was cheap seat belt or folding crate. Both
big no no’s in pet transport

Its amazing how much of a difference one person can make
So here I am again shouting from the roof tops.
Pet transport is serious business.

Recap of How to Transport Pets
Lets recap from last year on what is best for your pet;
Pet Travel Safety Day a day dedicated to raising awareness that every time you
go in your vehicle you need to make sure your pet is restrained by using crash
tested equipment, and in an appropriate position in the car.


Cat carrier in car

 If you are using a crash tested carrier that is suitable to be used with a seatbelt this is fine to go on the backseat. Do check before putting on the back seat.
 If you do not have a crash tested carrier, position your basket on the floor behind the driver or passenger seat. A study undertaken by More Than car insurance shows you are 10 times more likely to crash at 30mph than any other speed. Which means your seats will not crush the carrier.

If you are not using a crash tested carrier, the wire mesh with the lid opening type are the most sturdy.

Small & Medium
 A crash tested harness on the back seat
 A crash tested crate in your boot, this must be anchored down correctly


Large dog carrier

A large dog needs plenty of space to lay down, if your dog does not have the space to do this a harness on the back seat would not be suitable.
A crash tested crate, anchored down

Large/Giant Breeds
 If your dog is too big for a crate you will need a crash tested dog guard
 I would recommend you use this with a crash tested Tailgate.
 If possible, restrain your dog within this space. Currently there are no crash tested pieces of equipment for this. Do take extra care with how you do this and never attach anything to a collar, only a harness.
When choosing the right piece of equipment for your dog, the crash tested option will always be better than anything not crash tested.

Get involved

How can you celebrate Pet Travel Safety Day? By sharing this content with
everyone you know to help them travel safely with their pets.
Join us for the 2nd Pet Travel Safety Day on July 1 st  2022, where we will be
celebrating travelling with our pets safely.
1 st  July 2022 marks the 31st anniversary that it became law for everyone in a
car to wear a seat belt.
We’ve come such a long way protecting people. Let’s start protecting our pets!

If your dog does not like traveling in the car, get in touch at, we can help!

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