Online Dog Training: Woof-tastic or Barking Mad? Does Online Dog Training Work? 5 Suprising Truths.

October 11, 2023

Spoiler! Sometimes, If You Get The Support You Need, It Can Be BETTER Than In Person!

Is online dog training as good as in person? Sometimes it can be even better! There’s a big caveat to that – for your training to be REALLY effective you will need some support and access to one to one feedback. If you would like some one to one online training with me, book a call so we can discuss what will work for you.

1. Training Reactive and Nervous Dogs

Reactive and anxious dogs are often fearful of new people and situations – or they can come across as over friendly. These dogs tend to struggle to think, listen and learn when strangers show up at their doorstep. In-person training can sometimes amplify their anxiety. The doorbell rings, and they’re off to the races – barking, pacing, or hiding under the furniture. Not the best start to a training session!

Now, picture online training as a virtual playdate. No strangers in the house, just you and your dog comfortably settled in your safe space. There’s no need to worry about your Nervous Nellie being on their guard or feeling threatened. They can relax and focus on learning, making training sessions a walk in the park, metaphorically speaking.

Online training can genuinely put these jittery pups at ease, making their learning experience as enjoyable for both of you. So, if you’ve got a Nervous Nellie, online training might actually be far better for you and your dog than in person training. If you have a nervous or reactive dog, check out what we can offer you to help! Reactive Rebels.

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Training for Reactive dogs is often better done online

2. Video Previews!

Using videos can really supercharge the impact of online training.

Before you even start your trainer can send you some videos of the techniques you will be using leaving your actual training session to concentrate on how to make the techniques work for you and your dog.

You can also send the trainer videos of you training your dog in real situations – after all we want to train you and your dog for the real world not just an artificial training session. This way your trainer can offer constructive and valuable feedback at any time.

3. Training Both Ends of the Lead

Fun fact! To be effective, dog trainers need to focus far more on training the owner rather than the dog! Think about it. You are going to be actually doing the vast majority of the training with your dog by yourself, so helping you to become really proficient and ensuring that you are not accidentally training the wrong things is absolutely vital. Then it’s your job to pass your knowledge to your dog – with the support of the trainer.

You can learn about what your dog’s needs are, how to help them feel safe and secure, understanding how your dog is communicating with you – these things will supercharge your training.

From a trainer’s point of view, online training sessions mean we have to be really specific and precise with what we are asking you to do – meaning you get great clarity.

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Training you to train your dog is key to success

4. Feedback and Tracking Progress

Online dog training is like having a personal doggy coach on speed dial. You can share training videos between sessions, and your trainer can give you pointers and tips to keep your progress on track. It’s like having a virtual cheerleader in your corner!

Picture this: you record your dog practicing the skills your trainer has set for you and send it over to them. They watch, offer feedback, and even provide personalized advice to improve your technique. It’s like having a direct line to a doggy guru who’s there to support and guide you every step of the way. So, with online training, there’s no shortage of encouragement and guidance to ensure your training is as good as it can be.

5. Location

The beauty of online training is that you’re not bound by location. It’s like having a magical portal to the world of dog training. No matter where you and your dog reside, you can connect with a fantastic dog behaviourist. It’s like being part of a worldwide doggy support group.

Imagine this: you could be in New York, and your trainer could be in England or Namibia. It doesn’t matter; the power of the internet brings expert trainers right to your doorstep, virtually speaking. So, don’t let geography limit your choices; find the perfect trainer for your dog’s needs, no matter where you are in the world!

To chat about how online dog training can help you book a discovery call today!

Or just find out a bit more about All To Play For.

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