Family dog training gets everyone clued upMaking the juggle of parenting kids and dogs together easier

Training a family dog is different. You’ve got a busy household, multiple beings to look after and a zillion things to fit in every day.

You want to make sure that everyone is safe, happy and fulfilled, but how do you teach kids and dogs to understand each other and live side by side in harmony?

And how on earth do you manage those manic mornings when EVERYONE is screaming for your attention?

You need family dog training!

Our Family Dog Training Programme is devised specifically to bring all members of your household into the fold so that everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet.

I’m not just a dog trainer, I’m an experienced school teacher which means I know how to inspire and communicate with kids to make learning fun!

Your kids will learn

family dog training

how to interact safely with your dog

what to do if your dog has something they shouldn’t

games they can play with their dog which builds their bond and keeps them both busy

a lifelong understanding of how to be an awesome dog pal and advocate

Your dog will master the six essential skills to be a brilliant family dog.

You will discover how to juggle it all, without feeling pulled in a thousand directions.

So often with traditional dog training, the kids become the missing part of the puzzle. The grown-ups in the household have attended dog training classes, and they’re putting the work in… but there’s a disconnect.

Instead of having the beautiful budding relationship between your child(ren) and your dog that you dreamed of, there are battles for attention and worries about meeting everyone’s needs.

family dog training lsager Congleton Crewe

Family dog training in your home, on your schedule

This 6 week programme gives you 1-2-1 family dog training in your home, on your schedule.

Your children are included in the training, gifting them the skills, understanding and desire to build an incredible relationship with your dog.

And of course, your dog receives training throughout, so they can master the skills that complete the awesome family dog puzzle.

6 weeks of 1-2-1 sessions in your home
Training games the whole family can enjoy
Lifetime access to family-friendly online training videos
Simple steps to successfully manage family dog life
Fun activities to help your kid(s) learn
Weekly recaps of your sessions, so you don’t have to remember everything

Get all the support you need to make your family dog dreams come true. Ditch the fear of what might happen and give everyone in the family the skills they need to live in happy harmony.

Book a free call with me for an informal chat about the programme to see if it’s a good fit for your family

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Kids and Dogs
Making the juggle of parenting kids and dogs together easier

One happy Cavapoo! One happy toddler! One happy me!

Our Cavapoo, Beatrice, has such a lovely temperament. However, after a few grizzles at our rather unpredictable, bonkers toddler I reached out to Julia.

I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing to help both of them, prevent it from escalating and to help their bond.

From the first phone call, I came away with practical ideas to get started and from our first session, my husband pointed out how Beatrice seemed happier and calmer!

Having Julia come to us meant it was manageable and personalised to us. We have training, games and information to move forward with after the sessions and I feel much more confident, having all of my questions answered and knowing what to do in different situations.

Julia really does prepare the training to transfer in to real life! I’d highly recommend to any dog owners juggling family life!

Kate Elizabeth

77% of dog bites come from a family or friend’s dog


Having kids and dogs is NOT easy!!! We know that our children can gain so much from having a dog – exercise, mental health benefits, learning compassion and having an incredible childhood companion.

BUT THEN…. You see another report in the news of a child being hurt by a dog – or worse.

Your dog has never bitten – well not much anyway, just puppy bites! But they can hurt and even accidental bites can cause damage.

So far so good. But what if…

You know your child can be a bit excitable (maybe your dog can be too!).

At the back of your mind you know they sometimes prod the dog, or pull its fur – your dog is patient but you know they’ll snap at some point.

Where is that point?? How do you know it’s getting close??

And what about your child’s friends? Some of them are scared of dogs. Does that mean they can’t come round to play?

Family Dog Training takes away the worry and gives you the clarity you’re looking for so you can confidently keep everyone safe.

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Kids and Dogs

Family Friendly Dog Training

Raising a generation of clued-up kids and dogs