Dog training for rebellious dogsReform your rebel into a well-behaved dog who listens!

Judgement is perhaps one of the worst aspects of living with a reactive dog.

You leave the house, already stressed and worried… then a random person gives you ‘the look.’

Or worse – outwardly says something.

You’re trying so hard to keep your dog’s emotions in check and to support them. But it’s so hard not to get frustrated!

If you work with me there will be no judgement, just a huge dollop of empathy!

We’ll work on your confidence as well as your dog’s – reactive dogs can make us feel so useless so it’s important to focus on the human end of the lead as well as the doggy end.

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You’ll get clear and manageable strategies to work on so that you know what to do in different situations.

Together we’ll build your, and your dog’s, confidence until you have a dog that you feel really proud to walk!

If you need help with your reactive pooch, lets chat! We can work in person or virtually, depending on your location and what will work best for your dog and for you.

Let’s get on top of it now and turn it around,
so you can take the easy route to a happy life together!


Discover what motivates your dog and use it to encourage good behaviour.


Games make training fun which will inspire your dog to pay attention and learn.


Your dog’s behaviour will be reformed so you can both enjoy life together.

Dog training why is my dog misbehaving all of a sudden

If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it!

Through the power of play, we harness your dog’s desire to learn… and your desire to train!

Let’s be honest, we all put things off that aren’t much fun, in favour of choosing something more appealing. If you find dog training a chore then you’ll put it on the back burner and nothing will get any better.

The same goes for your dog! If it’s fun to listen to you and choose to engage with you over something else, they’ll be gung-ho and ready to enthusiastically do as they’re asked.

Play is a powerful way to learn, so we use games to harness your dog’s natural desire to learn new skills.

The 8 week dog training programme for rebels!

Your dog isn’t really a rebel. Their behaviour is driven by emotions so together we will work to unpick the reasons for their reactivity and work on the root causes rather than just a sticking plaster solution. 

Our 8 week dog training programme is completely bespoke to you and your dog. Together we will look at the problems you’re facing, so we can teach your dog the relevant core skills they lack to transform their behaviour for good.

Through the power of play, we retrain your dog’s brain to react in a different way, so that they’re capable of choosing good behaviour over bad habits.

How the programme works

Three 1-2-1 dog training sessions adapted to address your specific struggles

Easy to follow post-session training guides so you don’t have to try and remember everything!

24/7 access to training videos you can work through at your own pace to progress your training

Ongoing support via Whatsapp or email so you’re fully supported throughout your training journey

Teach your dog to choose good behaviour over bad habits
through the power of play

Dog training that teaches your dog to choose good behaviour

Won’t my dog just grow out of it?

I’m afraid not. Practice makes perfect and if you leave your dog’s troublesome behaviours untackled, they’ll only become deeply entrenched.

Every time your dog practises ignoring you when you call them, pulling on the lead or jumping all over people – they become experts at those bad habits!

The longer a tricky behaviour is ignored, the harder it is to repair. That’s not to say you won’t be able to change it, just that it’ll take a lot more patience, effort and hard graft on your part to undo it.

Let’s get on top of it now and turn it around,
so you can take the easy route to a happy life together!