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About Julia from All to Play for dog training

Hi! I’m Julia, a positive dog trainer who is here to help you navigate the confusing world of dog training!

If you’re looking for support with training your dog and want the experience to be fun, enlightening and empowering, look no further!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never undertaken any training with your dog before. Whether you have a puppy, a rescue dog or an adult dog, it’s never too late to start teaching your dog new habits.

If you have kids in the mix, I love to include them in your training so they too learn the skills to help your dog thrive.

My passion is to help you grow a happy, stress-free relationship with your dog through the power of play. When we get this right, you’ll both feel good and fantastic behaviour will follow.

Helping you and your dog realise a happy, harmonious life together.

It’s never too far gone!

Julia’s got a bit of Mary Poppins, but for dogs about her! We thought our rescue was too far gone to be trained after having her for 3 years.

But after one session with Julia, she left us gobsmacked, so we booked a full course!

We couldn’t recommend Julia highly enough, she’s a whirlwind of dog knowledge (the pooches love her too!), and you will not be disappointed with the results!


dog training for the real world

Dog training for the real world

My goal is to help you and your dog develop the skills to flourish in the real world. We ditch traditional dog training methods for learning life skills that matter in a fun and effective way.

Our training together focuses on real-life struggles such as calmness, confidence, off-lead freedom, focus, and relationship building rather than sit and down commands (although we can do these too if you want, along with lots of other cool tricks!)

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I get to know you, your dog and your lifestyle so that we create a training plan that gives you the results you desire.

You don’t need your dog to behave beautifully in a class hall.
You want your dog to have the ability to behave beautifully everywhere!

I’m going to tell you a secret…

I’m not really a dog trainer. I’m a people trainer! I empower you with the skills, knowledge and understanding so that you can be the ultimate partner and teacher for your dog.

My background as a secondary school teacher, coupled with my own challenges with my pair of gorgeous rescue dogs, Hattie and Dash, delivers a unique ability to adapt and teach to suit the individuals I am working with.

When we work together, you will develop all the skills you need to confidently and competently handle any situation that arises with your dog.

Your need to turn to Google or Youtube to find answers to your dog training struggles will be no more. You’ll finally know exactly what your dog needs to thrive and behave well, whatever life throws at you both.

99% of dog training is done with you!

Your dog spends the majority of their time with you! That’s why it’s so essential that you are gifted the confidence and skills to be an amazing dog trainer and partner for your dog.

Through training with me, you will develop the skills to

see your dog’s behaviour in a new light

understand what motivates your dog’s behaviour

ditch the stress and make training fun

identify quick solutions before problems escalate

change your dog’s behaviour for good

Adaptability is an underrated superpower

Life throws us curveballs. Things aren’t always predictable or ideal. Through developing core skills, both you and your dog will be able to handle surprises, adapt and succeed.

You’ll both have the underlying abilities you need and the temperament to take changes in your stride. The beautiful thing about that is that it gifts you the freedom to go out in the world together, confident you can handle whatever comes your way.

puppy training classes all to play for with julia

We have loved seeing the change in Ronnie

We have seen Julia for a few sessions now with our puppy Ronnie! We have loved seeing the change in Ronnie, and Julia’s sessions are always fun, and we can tell even Ronnie is enjoying himself!

The sessions Julia gives us are always different, and she always gives us something new to learn every week and explains why we are doing it!

You can see how much Julia loves what she does and also how much she loves the dogs, which is what makes her a great trainer!

Katie & Ronnie

Ready to become an amazing dog trainer for your dog?