1-2-1 dog training for beautiful behaviour everywhereLet’s ditch the stress and make dog training fun

Whether you need support with puppy training, rescue dog training or adult dog training, I’ll work with you to make your training experience fun and effective.

When dog training is fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore. Our approach to dog training is focused on teaching core life skills through purposeful play to transform behaviour.

How do you get your dog to behave well anywhere?

You make it fun to be well behaved!

Good behaviour comes naturally when your dog develops the skills to choose self-control, pay attention and to positively adapt to whatever comes their way.

Work with me

In your home

Perfect for laying solid foundation skills before taking your training on the road.

In your local area

Progress your dog’s training with guided support in real-life situations.

Via zoom

Ideal for nervous or reactive dogs, or if you live a little further afield
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1-2-1 dog training for puppies, rescues, and adult dogs

Do you have a specific problem that needs solving? Or perhaps you’d like to get started with puppy training to lay solid foundations? All of my 1-2-1 dog training programs are entirely bespoke, so I’ll meet you and your dog where you are!

We’ll discuss any problems you’re facing, the goals you’d like to achieve and your individual dog before creating a training plan to get you the results you crave.

Your dog needs help to develop the skills to thrive in a human world. Through working on the core skills your dog needs to master, you’ll soon find that your dog’s behaviour is surprising in all the right ways!

Get the well-behaved dog you dream of through purposeful play

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Puppy Training

Are you a new puppy owner who desperately wants to raise a well-mannered dog, but you feel a little clueless about where to start?

Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. You’ll never be made to feel silly or stupid when training with me. I want you and your dog to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Together we’ll hatch a puppy training plan that supports both of you to grow in confidence and develop a bomb-proof bond that’ll set you up for life.

An incredible puppy trainer!

We had our Cane Corso pup Koba at 8 weeks. We were struggling so much, even though I’d spent countless hours researching the breed! Watching videos on YouTube telling me to leave him in the crate to cry and telling me to shove his nose in his urine all just seemed very unnatural, and I wasn’t comfortable doing them!

I came across Julia on Facebook, and she had plenty of videos and posts showing how she was training with positive reinforcement, and that’s when I knew I just had to get her in to help me!

We have had one private session, and we are booked onto puppy classes. We really can’t thank Julia enough for all the advice we have been given, including all the documents she sent us when we had our first session!

Such an incredible trainer, and Koba has come on tonnes already.

Natasha & Koba

all to play for puppy training

Family Dog Training

I love helping families with dogs to include their children in their dog training, so every member of the family benefits. My previous experience as a secondary school teacher gives me the ideal skills to help make learning fun for your children as well as your dog!

Wow!! The first day of training, in the comfort of our own home and I cannot believe just how quickly Milo responded to the techniques Julia showed and taught us.

For me, the Children being involved and Milo responding to them as well as me was super important. Julia made sure the kids understood everything and involved them from the min she walked in. By the end of the session, Milo responded to them in the same way he did with me… I have no idea how she does it, but she does. 🙌

Thank you, Julia. We are all looking forward to seeing you again soon for the next session.

Sarah & Milo

1 2 1 dog training in your home for puppies rescues and adult dogs.
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Rescue Dog Training

I have two Romanian rescue dogs myself. Hattie and Dash each arrived with their own struggles, which were insurmountably hard at times, so I know how challenging it can be.

Both my dogs needed different support to help them adjust and thrive in a very different world from what they were used to.

By adapting to the individual dog and taking stock of how past experiences may be influencing behaviour, we can help your dog to see the world through new eyes.

When I took in an emergency Romanian foster dog, I contacted Julia straight away. Her knowledge of foreign rescues was invaluable.

Julia gave me a plan and training program to start addressing the problems she had in previous homes and advised me on issues that may arise. The homework was in-depth but easy to follow.

Julia was very flexible in changing the topics as needed for future sessions, and my dog became more confident. Julia is friendly and approachable, and this helped me and my dog to relax in the training sessions.


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