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You welcomed a dog into your life with visions of a wonderful companion who’d be an absolute joy to be around. But the reality isn’t quite matching your desires.

Maybe your dog pulls like crazy on the lead, making walks a nightmare

Or perhaps they are more than a handful when guests come over, which makes you dread the ring of the doorbell.

There are a range of struggles that can show up and make sharing your life with your dog feel like a challenge.

Obedience dog training may help your dog to learn how to behave beautifully in a class hall, but how useful is that when you step outside?

You want a dog who can behave well in the real world, who can enjoy a nice walk and then settle at your feet over a pub lunch. A dog who doesn’t leap all over your visitors or bark their heads off every time someone walks by.

Your dog needs life skills that make it easy to behave well, wherever they are.

Julie Hawkins Dog Trainer Stoke On Trent, Crewe, Congleton, Warrington

Meet your local dog trainer

Hi, I’m Julia!

If you’re looking for support with training your dog and want the experience to be fun, enlightening and empowering, then look no further!

Right now, you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. You want your dog to be happy, confident and well behaved, but you’re not really sure what exactly you need to do.

Conflicting advice and differing opinions have you confused and torn.

Imagine if instead, you developed the skills and knowledge to understand your dog, so you felt confident that YOU knew what to do in any situation.

I’m here to help you become the most amazing dog trainer and partner for your dog.

Let’s make great choices a habit

At All to Play For, we ditch the rules and rigidity and choose positive dog training that’s fun for you and your dog. We empower both of you with the skills to thrive in the real world, so you can have the life you dream of together.

We choose dog training that focuses on developing the skills that underpin the great behaviour you want to see from your dog

Through the power of play, we teach

Calmness so your dog can make great choices

Focus so your dog can pay attention to you anywhere

Flexibility so your dog can take new experiences in their stride

Self control so your dog can do the right thing even in the face of temptation

Optimism so your dog feels good

Independence so your dog can happily spend time alone

Perseverance so your dog keeps trying even when something’s hard

Connection so your dog looks to you first in any situation

Ready to give your dog the life skills they need to thrive?

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A refreshing take on dog training

Julia brought a whole refreshing new take on dog training for me. In the past, I’ve been left feeling judged and like the sessions were hard work, but Julia made it so much fun for both me and our Shelby.

The difference in Shelby is evident, and I enjoy walking her now, which is great for us bonding. I would highly recommend her!

Lorna & Shelby

1-2-1 Dog Training

For owners looking for at-home dog training to get fast help to solve their struggles.
(also available via Zoom)

Reactive Dog Training Club

Flexible, low cost, online training.


Reactive Rascals

For dogs who really struggle with other dogs, or people – whether barking, freezing or being overly excited. Our 8 week programme will help you turn things around.

Areas Covered

Stoke-On-Trent, Crewe, Congleton, Warrington, Alsager, Sandbach, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Holmes Chapel, Stone, Nantwich, Stafford and surrounding areas.

Is your dog a bit of a reactive rebel?

dog training your naughty adolescent dog
Do you sometimes dread going out for walks? Or people visiting your house?
You see another dog, or someone knocks at the door and your dog becomes a reactive, barking mess.

It’s embarrassing and can be scary.

If this is you our reactive rebels programme could be you! A helping hand to turn your barking, lunging into a dog you can be proud of is just a click away.

She’s a different dog after just 3 sessions!

I have had 3 home sessions with Julia for my rescue dog Afina. Afina is a fabulous dog but can only be described as a nutter!!

After just 3 sessions of teaching calmness, leash walking and focus, Afina is already looking like a different dog! Julia is so lovely with both me and Afina and is completely committed to helping us succeed. She sends a detailed breakdown of each training session to you afterwards with tips and tricks, homework and e-books to help with training in between sessions!

If you’re like me and felt like you could never have a well behaved, well-rounded dog, please please book in with Julia! You will be AMAZED by the results! 5 stars!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lauren & Afina

Say goodbye to the conflicting advice on YouTube and the slurry of differing opinions from friends and family. Instead, choose personalised support that gives you complete clarity and focus to raise the confident and optimistic dog you dream of.